About Us

The Unparalleled world of Jewellery business. I always wanted to be a part of it. My aim was to launch “Ramzana” as an International brand. My Beginnings were humble and obstacles many. However they all became part of my rich repertoire of experience. I started my apprenticeship with my father at his Jewellery store. I had been visiting the shop regularly since childhood. However the first day as an apprentice is etched in mind because I was beset with doubts and fears. What if I didn’t make the grade as a jeweller?

However I put my fears aside and threw myself in the nitty gritty of the jewellery trade. My training included various aspects of the jewellery trade such as deciphering cut of the stone, color and purity. As a part of the training I also used to visit our workshop. There the formidable “Guru ji” the head craftsman taught me suitability of the stones in relation to various designs. I was also introduced to sketching designs.


Those days the Jewellery firm was running a program ‘ “Home Customer Visitation”. The central aspect of the program was to visit Customers at home and sell them select pieces of Jewellery. My experiences were varied. Some Customers were hospitable and punctual. Others would make me wait for hours. Some praised the Jewellery while some were critical. The feedback really helped the firm in improving as they incorporated some of the suggestions made by the customers.

After I completed my training I left for Bahrain in 1994. A long hard struggle lay ahead of me. During this time I met Aboobacker from Kerala. He became my pillar of strength and till date is involved in my business. Finally the struggle reached fruition point. I opened my own store by the name of “Gems Gallery” 1998 in Bahrain. Then came the big blow. The store did not do well. It was my resilience that saw me through this tough phase. By 2000 I had recovered sufficiently from my initial setback and I opened my new store Ramzana in Bahrain. Again the struggle started to make the store a success. I started putting up stalls at open air exhibitions. The temperature would be soaring while I tried to sell gold and silver Jewellery. Whatever money I made I used to invest that back in the business because it was at the back of my mind to open new stores. I started recruiting more staff. After that there was no looking back. One store multiplied in to eight in Bahrain, Head Office and a factory, Four in Qatar and a factory, One in Dubai, Three in India and One Hotel.

There is an in interesting anecdote as to how Ramzana was launched in Qatar. I got a chance to go to Qatar with AAFES with whom I used to work at Sheikh Isa U.S. Air force base Bahrain. In Qatar I was told to open a store in the U.S. base. The time period two days. It was a new country and a new location. However we went through all the complicated steps of opening a shop in mere two days. It was a challenge and we succeeded. That was my stepping stone in Qatar and rest of the shops followed.

Our Humble Journey Continues...

Our Mission

We see how much work you’ve put into your package design so when it comes to execution, Packwire offers nothing short of the best. Your ideal custom box comes to life with leading printing tools and the highest quality materials.

Our Vision

We aim to offer a final product that’s indistinguishable from the one you dreamed up. Watch your box concept take shape in real time and get exactly what you envisioned. The sky’s the limit!. Packwire offers nothing short

Our Credo

Top brand recognition sets you apart from the other guys. Guided by your drive for success, Packwire keeps a close look on the entire box design process, ensuring an eye-catching package. Packwire offers nothing short


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